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2010 Used Dodge Ram

On the outside the Ram 1500 carries the familiar big-rig look started by Dodge. On the inside it is full of interesting features. It’s an American full-size pickup truck, but it is different in several ways from its most likely competitors, the Ford F-150 and Chevrolet Silverado 1500. The interior has its own flavor and offers several interesting amenities, and the cargo box has some unique features. Underneath, where for decades pickup trucks have had live axles with leaf springs, the Ram’s live axle is suspended by coil springs and it is located by four trailing links and a lateral track bar. And then there’s the availability of the powerful Hemi engine.

A Ram will never a racecar make but it benefits the same as a racecar when weight is removed from the suspension, axles, brakes and wheels. Using aluminum in some protected front suspension pieces takes 10 pounds off each corner, and the coil/link rear suspension takes 40 pounds off the back and allows more precise wheel control. In addition, friction in the rear suspension as it moves up and down has been cut by 60 percent, so the rear axle is allowed to travel more up and down yet requires less stiffness to keep it controlled.

2009 Used Dodge Ram

For the last 15 years Rams have had lots of space between tires and fenders but the ’09 narrows the gap. Side panels have increased in height by nearly 3.5 inches, to close the crevasse between the truck and the ground, yet the approach angle critical to pickup use hasn’t diminished. The split between cab and bed is narrower, and there’s a lateral seal in it to reduce air turbulence, the side mirrors stand off from the door glass, the sides are flatter, and the tailgate spoiler and windshield are both rounder for improved aerodynamics. Seen from behind where the tires appear almost flush with the body panels, the truck looks quite trim, rather like a European-cut dress shirt as opposed to an American-cut shirt.

With so many trim levels to choose from you should be able to find one that meets your requirements. We found the basic ST work truck model particularly impressive. Entry-level pickups have a tendency to be penalty boxes lacking any amenity beyond a seat cushion and an ashtray, but we didn’t feel penalized at all in the ST. The ST models have plastic door panels that are easy to clean and fairly scuff resistant. The standard radio does an exceptional job in light of the basement price.

2008 Used Dodge Ram

Ram’s optional Hemi engine delivers power and efficiency. The Hemi features Chrysler’s Multi-Displacement System, which shuts down four of the eight cylinders when they are not needed. The switchover is seamless, and fuel economy is improved by as much as 20 percent, says Dodge. Step on the gas, however, and the cylinders reawaken, ready to deliver the 345 peak ponies that make the Hemi-powered Ram one of the most exciting light-duty pickups on the market. Adding to the Hemi’s responsiveness is a five-speed automatic.

Ram’s trademark front grille remains one of the most instantly recognizable front ends on the road. A thick band of chrome surrounds the grille on ST, SLT and Laramie; the band is body color on Sport models. The broad, sloping hood has a pronounced crown that falls over the sides to the prominent front fenders, helpful for clearance, less so for seeing edges in tight quarters.

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